North Vancouver School District
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Policy 212: Animals in the Classroom

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Adopted: November 25, 2003


Subject to the administrative procedures set out in this policy, animals may be brought into schools for instructional purposes only. By "instructional purposes", it is meant that the presence of animals directly supports the learning strategies or the achievement of the objectives of an approved educational program. An exception to this policy shall be service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs.
Under no circumstances shall animals that pose actual or potential safety risks and health risks to students and employees be allowed in schools or classrooms.

Administrative Procedures

  1. The Principal must provide approval to have the animals brought into schools for instructional purposes.
  2. Prior to allowing animals in schools or classrooms, steps are to be taken to ensure that students and employees are not allergic to the presence of these animals, that the animals will present no physical danger to students or employees, and that the animals are free from any disease or parasite.
  3. Prior to introducing any animals into classrooms and using animals as part of the educational program, teachers shall make all efforts to ensure that students receive instruction in the proper care and handling of animals.
  4. When animals are allowed in schools and classrooms, they shall be housed in suitable, sanitary, self-contained enclosures appropriate to the size of the animal. Animals shall not be allowed to roam freely in the classroom or school.
  5. Sponsors of the animals must ensure that enclosures are kept in a sanitary condition and that waste is properly sealed for disposal.