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Policy 202: Alternative Delivery - Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10
Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: June 20, 2007   


Health and Career Education K-9 [see note] is a mandatory part of an education program offered to all students.  Planning 10 is a provincially prescribed graduation requirement for all students who enter Grade 10 on or after July 1, 2004.  The delivery of these curricula is governed by policy set by the Ministry of Education.  The goals of both curricula are to help students understand their own abilities, skills, interests, and educational qualifications and, with this awareness, to take increased responsibility for planning their personal, educational, and career goals and to solve problems, think critically, and make informed decisions in matters of personal importance and significance.
The Board assigns high value and importance to the need for and the goals of Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10.  The Board expects each of its schools to provide all students with a well-planned, experiential, and appropriate sequence of learning experiences and assessment activities in the areas of planning, personal development, career development, and work experience.
While acknowledging the necessity for latitude and for diversity in methods of implementation among the schools, the Board expects the staff of each school to plan, organize, and provide learning opportunities for Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10 in ways that promote the active involvement and participation of students, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, and partners in the school community.
Unique to both curricula is the opportunity for the student in consultation with his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) to ‘opt for alternative delivery’ of sensitive material contained in the Health Curriculum Organizer of the Health and Career Education K-9 or Planning 10.  It is the intent of this policy to ensure that individual values, standards and diversity are respected.

Administrative Procedures for Alternative Delivery of Sensitive Materials

The family is the primary educator in the development of the child’s attitudes, standards, and values.  The school plays a developmental role.  To maintain partnership between home and school, it is important that parents/guardians be kept informed about all aspects of Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10.
Alternative Delivery of Curriculum
The Health Curriculum Organizer of Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10 addresses topics that some students and their parents/guardians may feel more comfortable addressing at home.  In some cases, students and their parents/guardians, in consultation with their school, may choose not to participate in classes when these topics are discussed and, instead, address the topics in an agreed upon alternative manner.  This may include using a school-designed, self-directed study, or a student/family-designed, self-directed study addressing the learning outcomes.  Assessment will be the responsibility of the teacher.
It is expected that students will complete the related learning outcomes and demonstrate their knowledge of the health topic(s) they have chosen to learn in an alternative manner.  This option is only available for topics that are part of the Health Curriculum Organizer of Health and Career Education K-9 and Planning 10.  This policy does not apply to any other prescribed learning outcomes in Health and Career Education K-9 or Planning 10.  Nor does it apply to any other British Columbia provincial curriculum.
Roles and Responsibilities for Alternative Delivery of Curriculum
    • The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) will complete an application form for the appropriate method of alternative delivery
    • The student is required to provide the completed reports and/or other appropriate materials in specified timelines
    • The school will provide an overview of the appropriate learning outcomes, along with guidelines for providing evidence of student understanding of topics covered outside the classroom setting
    • The school will file the alternative delivery agreement and documentation of the completed learning outcomes.  The report card comments should indicate that part of the course was completed outside the classroom.
Note: This policy applies to the following Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) in the Health and Career Education curriculum:
    • Personal Planning K to 7 (to be discontinued August 31, 2008)
    • Health and Career Education K to 7
    • Health and Career Education 8 and 9
    • Planning 10. 


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