North Vancouver School District
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Policy 405: Political/Religious Activities or Materials
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Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: December 15, 2010


The School Act requires a non-sectarian approach to the conduct of education in British Columbia schools. Therefore, the study of political or religious issues in School District classrooms shall be of an objective and comparative nature and related to the provincial curriculum.
The Board will refrain from allowing any activities or distribution of materials in its schools and/or on Board property that are political or religious in nature and which proselytize.

Administrative Procedures

Discussion of Political or Religious Issues in Classrooms
Political or religious issues, as they form part of the curriculum under study in a School District classroom, shall be dealt with in accordance with the British Columbia Teachers’ Association’s Code of Ethics and the Board’s Policy 210 Controversial Issues in Schools.
Distribution of Political or Religious Materials
There shall be no distribution of political or religious materials for the purpose of proselytism in schools and/or on Board property.
Meetings of a Political or Religious Nature
Meetings of a partisan political or denominational religious nature may not be conducted as part of a curricular or extra-curricular activity for students. Meetings and displays of a partisan political or denominational religious nature conducted by community groups renting a School District facility shall be confined to areas to which the students do not, under normal circumstances, have access, or from which for the duration of such activities students have been excluded.
Non-sectarian: not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious denomination

Proselytize: attempt to persuade others to adopt one’s own belief