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Policy 411: Student Leadership Council
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Adopted: June 21, 2006


The Board supports the establishment of the Student Leadership Council representing secondary school students in the School District.


The Board supports the principle of appropriate student participation in educational issues pertinent to the interest of students.  The Board believes that educational programs can be enhanced when students have a venue that provides an opportunity for the exchange of information, for the pursuit of discussions, and make presentation to the Board on educational issues within the School District.  The establishment of the Student Leadership Council, with representation from each secondary school, provides a platform for a constructive educational dialogue and a formal avenue for gathering student perspective, opinions, and interests on educational issues.

Administrative Procedures

Governance and Membership
    • Each secondary student in the School District shall be a member of the Student Leadership Council
    • The Council shall operate on democratic principles and shall be governed by a constitution and bylaws, and
    • Elect Directors and Executive.
Through its elected Directors/Executive, the Student Leadership Council shall provide an avenue for the provision of student opinion and input on educational issues and practices that affect student learning within the School District. The Council shall reflect as wide a diversity of student opinion as possible. 

The Student Leadership Council shall deal with broad educational issues that affect student learning rather than the specific details of school or District operations.

The Council should avoid discussions related to individual students, school staff members, parents, or other School District personnel.

The Board shall provide an annual budget to support and foster the activities of the Student Leadership Council, including staffing support for the School District sponsor.