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North Vancouver School District
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Policy 402: Community Education and Community Schools

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Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board endorses the concept of community education and supports and encourages the development of community schools in appropriately located geographical areas of the School District. Community schools are encouraged to extend availability of programs and services beyond the school boundaries, wherever this seems appropriate.
The Board supports and encourages the development and comprehensive educational - social - recreational programs at each community school, resulting from joint community school planning. To this end the Board enlists the active involvement of municipal councils.
Within the limits of available finances, the Board will provide support for the development of community schools.

Administrative Procedures

Designation of Community Schools
A school desiring community school status must present an official request to the Board through the Superintendent. The submission must satisfy the Board that an appropriate process of development has taken place and that necessary community and staff support exists.
A community school shall be granted that status for no longer than a 5-year period, at which time a local review of interest and need must be undertaken on which a request for continuation may be based.
Officially designated community schools shall be entitled to:
    • A community school coordinator, who may be a teacher or non-teacher, on the basis of a substantiated request from the school, and who shall be appointed for a one-year renewable term
    • Additional support staff, equivalent to 10 hours per week
    • An additional allotment of funds for supplies.