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Policy 415: Standards of Investigation
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Adopted: November 6, 2018


The Board of Education values the important role employees, students and parents all play in the maintenance of a positive and safe learning environment for students. In support of this learning environment, the Board recognizes that consistent, transparent and fair standards of investigation must be established and maintained in order to address any allegations of employee misconduct.

This policy covers reported allegations of employee misconduct only, as distinguished from reported allegations or concerns of employee incompetence.

If the allegations suggest that there may be an immediate threat to the safety of students, the procedures outlined in Policy 306: Suspected Child/Youth Abuse will be followed. If the allegations do not suggest an immediate threat to the safety of students, a formal complaint can be made in writing as guided by legislation, collective agreement terms and/or the process detailed in Policy 406: Resolving Concerns Regarding Personnel, Programs or Procedures.

Individuals with concerns of alleged misconduct by employees working in a school setting should hold those concerns confidential and report them directly to the school Principal. Principals in receipt of misconduct allegations will not act in isolation but will notify, collaborate and coordinate with their supervisor. In all cases where the reported misconduct is alleged to have been directed towards a students, the parents of the students involved will be informed by the school Principal as immediately as possible.

In the case of alleged misconduct concerns about the school Principal, individuals should report those concerns directly to the Office of the Superintendent.

Individuals with concerns of alleged misconduct by employees at other School District worksites should hold those concerns confidential and report them directly to the Office of the Superintendent.

No person, whether an employee, student, parent, or member of the community, shall be subject to reprisal, threat of reprisal, or discipline as the result of filing a formal complaint which is made in good faith and they reasonably believe to be valid. All persons against whom formal complaints have been made will have an opportunity to respond. Parents and/or students may ask a support person of their choice to assist them at any stage in this process.

A formal written complaint of alleged employee misconduct may result in the initiation of an investigation by the School District. Whether or not an investigation into the allegations is warranted will be determined through consultation with the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is also responsible for handling investigation reports and keeping records of such written complaints.

It is the Board of Education’s responsibility to take the action appropriate to the findings of the investigative process, understanding that such action may serve to exonerate, provide support, or result in corrective action or discipline to the employee(s) under investigation. The Board of Education does not support any other party, apart from appropriate authorities (for example, the RCMP, MCFD or BC Teacher Regulation Branch), seeking to compound or diminish the impact of any action taken by the Board of Education.

This policy does not supersede the provision of any applicable law, collective agreement or contract.

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