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Policy 406: Resolving Concerns Regarding Personnel, Programs or Procedures

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Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: March 1, 2006
Revised: June 18, 2008
Revised November 6, 2018​


The Board of Education believes in the importance of employees, students, and parents working together to create a positive and inclusive school culture that inspires success for every student. The values of trust, respect, responsibility, and collaboration set the tone for how the entire school community works together to pursue common goals.

The Board of Education recognizes that from time to time concerns regarding the operation of the School District will arise. The Board of Education seeks to ensure that concerns about personnel, programs or procedures are dealt with in a manner that reflects mutual respect and the principles of administrative fairness. The Board of Education places trust in its employees, parents, students and members of the community, and desires to support their actions in a manner that frees them from unnecessary or unwarranted criticism or retribution.

When someone has a concern about the action of any employee or about any policy, educational program, or learning resource, their concern should be first channeled through the personnel of a school. If resolution is not reached at the school level, a complaint may be forwarded to the appropriate Director of Instruction. If, after meeting with the Director of Instruction, a resolution is not yet reached, then the complaint may be advanced to the Assistant Superintendent before being referred to the Superintendent for consideration (see the Administrative Procedures).
No anonymous complaints shall be considered. No person shall be subject to reprisal, threat of reprisal, or discipline as the result of filing a formal complaint which is made in good faith and they reasonably believe to be valid. Parents and/or students may ask a support person to assist them at any stage in this process.
Procedures for dealing with such situations should ensure that:
  • Complaints are handled as near the source as possible 
  • Complaints are investigated and resolved expeditiously 
  • Complaints are dealt with in a courteous, confidential and constructive manner 
  • All parties to a complaint are given the opportunity to respond.
Specific policies in regard to complaints regarding the appropriateness of locally evaluated learning materials would be addressed through Policy 201: Learning Resources for Classroom Use; in regard to alleged child abuse in Policy 306: Suspected Child/Youth Abuse; in regard to alleged sexual or personal harassment Policy 505: Employee Welfare; Policy 415: Standards of Investigation addresses the investigation process.

A decision of an employee or employees of the North Vancouver School District that significantly affects the education, health or safety of the student may be appealed by a parent/guardian and/or student in the School District pursuant to Board of Education Bylaw 906: School Act Appeals.

The Board of Education recognizes that employee decisions that do not significantly affect the education, health or safety of a student are within the final authority of the Superintendent as the Board of Education’s chief executive officer.

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