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Policy 605: Admission of Students to School
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Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: January 14, 2003
Revised: October 28, 2003
Revised: February 28, 2007
Revised: February 19, 2013
Revised: December 10, 2019


As prescribed in the School Act (Sections 2, 3 and 82), the Board of Education must provide an educational program free of charge to every student of school age, resident in British Columbia and enrolled in an educational program in a school operated by the Board of Education. A student is resident in British Columbia if the student is ordinarily resident in British Columbia and the parent/court appointed guardian of the student is ordinarily resident in British Columbia.
The Superintendent, or designate, shall establish school catchment areas, and review on an annual basis, to ensure that each school has the capacity to accommodate the anticipated enrolment of students in its catchment area. Catchment areas shall be determined after due consideration of all relevant factors, including the accommodation available in the schools, the accessibility of the schools to the students, and the safety of the students in going to and from school. The Board of Education shall be informed of all major changes to school boundaries.
The Superintendent, or designate, shall also establish Administrative Procedures to address issues related to the registration, placement, or transfer of students in schools, in accordance with the provisions of the School Act.
The Board of Education may also provide for the admission of fee-paying students to North Vancouver School District schools. The admission procedures for fee-paying students are described in the Administrative Procedures.
Student Admission and School Choice are guided by the following principles:
    • The admission process should maximize the number of students able to attend their catchment area school
    • The admission process should enable school and district staffs to plan the allocation of resources in ways that will minimize adjustments to school organizations at the beginning of the school year
    • The admission process should enable the student’s and parent’s ability to choose the school and educational program which best meets the student’s educational needs
    • The admission process should support stability and continuity for students and families
    • Wherever possible, siblings will be admitted to the same school.
Administrative Procedures