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Policy 601: Access to Student Records
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Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: December 11, 2012


The Board shall establish and maintain a student record for each student registered under Section 13 of the School Act and in accordance with Section 79 and 79.1 of the School Act and Ministerial Order 082/09 Permanent Student Record.
Although the Board is custodian of all student records, these are the property of the School District.  They are prepared for educational use and require sensitive treatment to ensure confidentiality and to make effective use of them on behalf of students.

Administrative Procedures

The confidentiality of student records is to be maintained at all times; however, subject to administrative procedures associated with this policy, all student records kept by the Board pertaining to the student, may be made available to parents, guardians, and to former students who have attained legal age, in accordance with the School Act, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and other applicable legislation.
A person providing health services, social services, or other support services under Section 79 of the School Act shall be granted access to any information in a student’s records which may be required to carry out his or her duties.
While a student is registered at a school within the district, access to the information contained within students records will be made available to other schools, including francophone, independent, and public schools within the Province, only in accordance with Section 79.1 of the School Act.
The Board relinquishes an individual student record only when the student transfers to another public school in the Province.  The Board retains the original student records of students transferring to private schools, out-of-Province public schools or government institutions, furnishing only copies of student records.
In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Permanent Student Record Instructions, the school district will retain the Permanent Student Record electronically for 55 years after a student has withdrawn or graduated from school.

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