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Policy 602: Superintendent of Schools

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Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board shall appoint a Superintendent of Schools for the School District as specified in the School Act.
The Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative and executive officer of the Board of School Trustees, accountable to it for carrying out its objectives and management policies and for giving leadership in educational administration and instructional programming.
The Superintendent shall be responsible for the general organization, administration, supervision and evaluation of educational programs, the supervision of all employees of the Board and the operation of schools in the School District. The Superintendent must also perform other duties set out in the School Act regulations.
A description of the duties of the Superintendent of Schools is described in the administrative procedures of this policy.
Administrative Procedures
Position Description for Superintendent of Schools:
    • Administers and supervises, with the assistance of other professional personnel, the total educational program offered by the Board.
    • Provides the Board, through a staff of business personnel, with an efficient and economical business and fiscal operation, and ensures timely provision of appropriate facilities and maintenance thereof.
    • Develops and maintains a relevant, well-organized and sensitive program of human resources administration.
    • Provides, with the assistance of administrative and supervisory personnel, for the continuing evaluation of current educational practices in the school system, the development of plans for the improvement of educational services, and the use of programs that will ensure the effective implementation of these plans.
    • Coordinates the operation of all divisions and departments within the school system, and delegates functions and responsibilities as required.
    • Provides the Board with an annual operational budget and such capital expenditure budgets as may be required and ensures that budgetary plans are implemented and controlled.
    • Establishes and maintains effective personnel and professional relationships with a variety of groups necessary for communication for the welfare of the School District.
    • Assists the Board in defining problems and objectives as appropriate to its role of policy-maker.
      Assists the Board in the development of policies and ensures that all policies of the Board and the Ministry of Education are fully and effectively implemented.
    • Ensures that the Board is kept fully informed of the operation of the school system and provides such other information and reports as the Board may require.
    • Ensures that such reports and information as may be requested by the Ministry of Education are promptly provided.
    • Advises the Board on matters within its jurisdiction.
    • Visits schools and maintains contact with School District personnel as necessary to be adequately informed of School District needs and accomplishments.
    • Plans the agenda for Board meetings and provides the Board in advance of meetings with such information as the Trustees may require to deal effectively with Board business.
    • Gives continuing and regular attention to the promotion of good relations with staff and public, and acts as the Board’s spokesman on School District matters as required.
    • Attends all meetings of the Board and its committees, or arranges for a delegate to attend in his absence.
    • Promotes at all times a high standard of professional leadership, effective human relationships, and a spirit of educational advancement throughout the School District.
    • Assumes responsibility for providing educational leadership as appropriate outside the School District, extending to the provincial and national scenes.

Review of Administrative Decisions by the Board
In situations that arise within the schools where the Board has provided no guides for administrative action, the Superintendent shall have power to act, but such action shall be subject to review by the Board at a regular meeting. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to inform the Board promptly of such action and of the need for the Board to develop and adopt policy.