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Cloverley Project FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

​Updated: February 2, 2022

What is the status of this project?

Currently the school district is working on finalizing a Project Definition Report (PDR) with the Ministry of Education for funding support.

What is a PDR?

A Project Definition Report (PDR) provides a business case of the theoretical/estimated costing and timeline to construct a school of the proposed enrolment capacity to obtain financial support to proceed to the design phase.

Will the existing building be replaced or expanded?

The previous concept study proposed a new school as a more cost effective alternative to advance in the PDR stage, versus replacement.

What is the next step in the process?

Subject to receiving funding approval from the Ministry of Education, the school district will retain a consulting team to develop a detailed design.

Will there be a public information meeting to provide input?

Yes, the school district would follow the City of North Vancouver municipal process for engaging the public for feedback and comment as part of the design process.

Will the field, park or existing school siting be affected by this project?

Final impacts to the existing amenities are yet to be determined. This cannot happen until the school district has support and funding from the Ministry of Education to proceed with a project design.

Will there be a daycare?

The PDR anticipates a request for Neighbourhood Learning Space, which can be used for before and after daycare; however, this is subject to Ministry funding consideration and approval.

Will there be community space to use in the new school?

The school will have the opportunity for community use and rentals (as all other North Vancouver School District schools) once the project is completed.