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Cloverley Elementary

Cloverley Elementary School

March/April 2021

The NVSD received direction from the Ministry of Education to advance the School District’s capital request for a new Cloverley Elementary School to the Project Development Report (PDR) phase.

The Ministry of Education has requested a draft PDR be prepared for review by August 2021. Given the timing, the School District will be engaging a geotechnical consultant to immediately commence with a geotechnical site investigation to develop and advance studies for project options. This will encompass drilling test holes in various locations throughout the entire property including both the current school location and the park site. The site investigation is scheduled for April 19, 20 and 21, 2021.

The NVSD’s geotechnical consultant will endeavour to locate bore holes in locations to minimize impact and disruption to the park. The bore holes will be filled and temporarily repaired following the investigation. The proposed test hole location plan is included below.

Proposed Test Hole Location Plan_28847.jpg

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January 2021 

The NVSD submitted a finalized concept plan, with minor costing adjustments, to the Ministry of Education’s Capital Planning branch late January 2021. After the Ministry's initial review, a slightly larger 60 kindergarten/525 elementary capacity school was recommended. 

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December 2020 

The NVSD submitted an initial concept plan to the Ministry of Education’s Capital Planning branch in December 2020. 

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October 2020 

At the October 6, 2020, Standing Committee Meeting, the following information was shared via a Capital Projects Update Presentation (refer to pages 29-35).  

History of Cloverley Elementary School

  • 1961 to 1982 – Cloverley Elementary School was a public school
  • 1982 to 2010 – building was leased to a series of different organizations
  • 2010 to 2014 – building was temporarily returned to service during seismic upgrade and renovation of Ridgeway Elementary School and Queen Mary Elementary School
  • After 2014 – the school is vacant and based on facility condition assessment done in 2017 considered beyond useful life 

Approval Process and Potential Schedule

  • Long Range Facility Plan  Complete
  • Concept Plan - December 1, 2020*
  • Project Definition Report* - Fall 2021
  • Capital Project Funding Agreement*
  • Certificate of Approval*
  • Retain Consulting Team
  • Project Design and Permitting
  • Project Tendering
  • Award of Construction Contract*
  • Construction 

* Requires Ministry of Education approvals prior to proceeding to the next phase.

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