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Required Documents

Please bring the original physical copies of the required documents to your in-person appointment at Central Registration. Staff at Central Registration will make copies. Additional documents are required based on the category of application; Canadian citizen or permanent resident, work permit holder, study permit holder, and refugees.

Documents for all new student registrations

  1. Student Registration form
  2. Child's birth certificate, ideally showing parent's names, translated into English if necessary, or Certificate of Indian Status Identification Card.
  3. Proof of address in B.C.  
    • Accepted documents for home owners:  
      • Purchase agreement – new home purchase with subjects removed and  
    • Current utility bill (BC Hydro, gas, landline telephone or internet/cable statement) Accepted documents for renters: 
      • Formal rental or lease agreement and a current utility bill (BC Hydro, gas, landline telephone or internet/cable statement) in either the landlord(s)’/homeowner(s)’ or the tenant(s)’ name (as per lease/tenancy agreement)
      • Note: If the utility bill is in the landlord’s name, a third document will be required. Acceptable documents include a banking statement, BC vehicle registration, renter’s insurance, or a BC ID card. 
    • Please note: If you do not have a formal tenancy agreement (living with family or friends) we require: 
    • A notarized letter from the tenant/homeowner verifying this living arrangement including the names of all your family members who are living in their residence and 
    • Proof of the residence of the tenant/homeowner (as per accepted documents for renters above) 
  4. All relevant original legal documentation involving guardianship – separation, divorce, adoption or guardianship court orders (if applicable) 
  5. School report cards, with certified translation in English (if applicable).  
    • Elementary School Registration: Report cards from the most recent school year
    • Secondary School Registration: Most recent report card (for Grades 8 and 9) or, for older students, all report cards from Grade 10 to current year 
  6. If applicable: Any Individual Education Plan (IEP), Psycho-educational assessment or medical reports that pertain to the child. 
  7. Please submit a copy of your child’s immunization record to Vancouver Coastal Health. It can be submitted by email (photo or scan) to: or fax to: 604-983-6883.

Additional Documents