North Vancouver School District
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Policy 106: Statements of Mandate, Vision, and Values
Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: June 28, 2005
Revised: June 21, 2011


The Board recognizes the merit of clearly articulated statements of its Mandate, Vision, and Values.  These statements reflect the unique character of its community and provide guidance in the governance, policy development, and goal-setting for the North Vancouver School District. The Board’s Vision and Values were developed through comprehensive consultation with its educational partner groups and the broader community.
In accordance with the School Act, Regulations, and Ministerial Orders, the Board’s Mandate is guided by the British Columbia Legislature and Ministry of Education.  The Mandate provides the foundation for the Board’s governance, its goals, attributes, duties, rights, and responsibilities. 
The Board’s Vision expands upon the School District’s Mandate.  The Vision provides direction, clarity, and focus to the Board’s overall educational philosophy and objectives for the School District.
The Board’s Values guide the School District’s organization and service.  The Values of trust, responsibility, respect, and collaboration are demonstrated and integrated into the Board’s governance and interactions with its students, employees, parents, and local and global community.
These statements guide the Board, its employees, educational partner groups, and local community to reach beyond the core mandate and realize the highest standards for the delivery of education to all students.


"The purpose of the British Columbia school system is to enable all learners to develop their individual potential and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy society and a prosperous and sustainable economy."
The provincial mandate governs the Board’s general policies, service delivery, and accountability structures. It is broad, but flexible enough to allow the Board to develop and progress beyond the core mandate, while meeting the legislated requirements of the School Act, Regulations, and Ministerial Orders.  The Statement of Education Policy Order emphasizes that in preparing students as future citizens, schools assist in developing “well-educated people who have the ability to think clearly and critically, and to adapt to change. Progress towards these goals also depends on educated citizens who accept the tolerant and multi-faceted nature of Canadian society.”  The Policy Order confirms the provincial government’s commitment to parents ensuring diversity, choice of schools and programs, and accessibility to quality public schooling for their children.
Supported by families and the community, the “Prime Goal of Public Schools” is the intellectual development of students. Through learning experiences and supervised practice, schools, families, and the community have a shared role in helping students achieve the goals of human and social development and career development.
The Board further defines its mandate with the following:
Schools support academic and career development by
    • Helping students acquire skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and numeracy
    • Providing instructional activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation
    • Providing instructional activities that allow students to develop aesthetic and artistic potential
    • Providing instructional activities to promote an understanding of the contribution that science, mathematics, the study of society, the fine arts, and technical pursuits have made to the student's world
    • Providing instruction and planning activities in such a way as to frame the knowledge in an engaging, real world context, and allow students to acquire relevant skills in practical application, as well as information
    • Focusing on concepts and ideas that are relevant and applicable to a multitude of real life situations, including future careers, and
    • Providing multiple pathways to meet individual student needs and interests.
Schools support personal development by
    • Encouraging individual health, fitness, and nutrition
    • Promoting self-worth and respect for others
    • Supporting and teaching social responsibility
    • Providing opportunities to develop decision making, problem solving, and lifelong learning skills, and
    • Supporting broad definitions of success and personal best.
Schools support social development by
    • Promoting classroom and school processes that are built on cooperation and positive social interaction
    • Providing opportunities for the study of real life social relationships at school, at work, and in the community
    • Modeling positive social interactions and relationships
    • Teaching sustainability principles and practices
    • Educating students on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and
    • Recognizing each student's unique abilities and qualities.
The provincial mandate further outlines the attributes of the public school system: accessibility, relevance, equity, quality and accountability. It acknowledges that students, parents, teachers, administrators, district officials, the British Columbia College of Teachers, the community, the Ministry of Education, other ministries and agencies, and the public all have distinct duties, rights and responsibilities within the system.


We provide world-class instruction and a rich diversity of engaging programs to inspire success for every student and bring communities together to learn, share and grow.
Instructional Practice:  We provide meaningful assessment and relevant instruction to support the success of every student and, to ensure this outcome, encourage professional growth for all staff.
Program Diversity:  We provide a diverse range of programs that reflect the values and interests of our community.
Sharing and Celebrating Success:  We proudly honour individual and collective accomplishments that inspire all of us to pursue and achieve success.
Communications:  We build trust, respect and mutual understanding through open, proactive communications that convey the achievements and challenges of the School District.
Community Connections:  We thrive on bringing people together through collaboration and responsive partnerships that strengthen communities and contribute to the needs of students and society.
Integrated Communities:  We build strong, trusting relationships that develop the confidence and sensitivity needed to share ideas and create solutions within our schools, families of schools and school district.
Information and Communication Technology:  We provide seamless and appropriate information and communications technology to serve all aspects of learning and to support our operations.
Facilities:  We strive to provide welcoming, safe and sustainable facilities that enhance the learning and teaching environment.


Trust:  We act with integrity. We are open and honest in our communication with one another.
Responsibility:  We are accountable for our actions.  We support positive change, continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.
Respect:  We relate to each other with care and appreciation. We honour diversity and recognize the exceptional in everyone. 
Collaboration:  We develop relationships and affiliations to achieve shared goals and consider each other in our decisions and actions.