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Policy 103: Board of Education - Policy Development
Revised: September 25, 2001
Revised: October 24, 2007 (References to Board of Trustees changed to Board of Education)
Revised: April 24, 2018


One of the Board’s primary functions is the establishment and monitoring of policy. The Board further believes that its policies are detailed expressions of intent and must be based upon the Board’s own statements of Mandate, Vision, and Values (Trust, Respect, Responsibility and Collaboration). Board policies also reflect the community’s views, represented by the elected trustees with input from stakeholder groups. Formal publication of Board policy is necessary in order that the community may hold the Board accountable.
Policies are adopted by the Board in order to take actions consistent with the School Act and its regulations, ministerial orders, other legislation, and the school district’s Strategic Plan. It is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools to establish a program of regular evaluation and consultation to review Board policies through the Policy Review Committee. The process of policy development and review shall include open and authentic communication between the Board and its students, staff, parents and other members of the community. This communication shall ordinarily proceed through the representatives on the Policy Review Committee.
Policies guide the actions of the Superintendent, who acts on the Board’s behalf in monitoring the implementation of policies and administrative procedures.
Criteria for Exemplary Policy
The following are considered the criteria for exemplary Board policies:
    • Policies prioritize enhancing student learning
    • Policies are consistent with the Board’s statements of Mandate, Vision, and Values
    • Policies are developed in response to a real need and are the result of a comprehensive consultative process
    • Policies are clearly written and are easily understood by those who reference them
    • Policies are precise enough to give guidance, but broad enough to allow appropriate discretionary action
    • Policies are current and up-to-date
    • Policies are readily available and accessible to anyone who wishes to reference them
    • Policies are deemed to be effective after regular review.
Process for Policy Implementation
Following Board adoption of a policy, the Superintendent assumes responsibility for implementing the policy. The process of implementation will include the development of written administrative procedures, communication with affected groups, determination of any immediate actions required by the policy, and the establishment of long-term plans. The Superintendent will inform the Board of any changes to the administrative procedures. Administrative Procedures are not subject to approval/adoption by the Board.
A program of regular evaluation of the effectiveness of policies shall be undertaken by the Superintendent who will report findings to the Board from time-to-time. 

Administrative Procedures



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