North Vancouver School District
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Policy 107: Board of Education - Trustee Stipend, Resources, and Expenses
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Adopted: March 12, 2013 


In accordance with the provisions of the School Act, Trustees shall receive an annual stipend paid on a monthly basis, the amount of which shall be set by Board resolution. Additional amounts, also set by Board resolution, shall be paid to the Chair and Vice-Chair respectively.  The annual stipend shall be adjusted annually, each July 1, in accordance with the increase in the Vancouver Consumer Price Index. 
The Board will authorize the reimbursement of Trustee expenses as provided in the School Act and which are consistent with the provisions described in the administrative procedures associated with this policy.
Trustees represent the public interest in public education, acting as liaison between the community and the education system.  The Board recognizes that Trustees must remain informed and must continue to upgrade their skills. The Board may include funds in the annual budget to cover Trustee expenses for attendance at provincial, national and international seminars, conferences, or workshops related to education.