North Vancouver School District
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Policy 803: Disposal of Surplus or Obsolete Equipment or Furniture
Revised: September 25, 2001


The Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures for distributing or disposing of surplus or obsolete equipment and furniture.
Procedures must ensure that equipment or furniture purchased with Board or school funds is disposed of at the end of its useful life in an efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly manner. In addition, the procedures for disposal also must be fair, transparent and open to review.
Equipment or furniture that has residual value shall be disposed of in way that maximizes the financial return to the Board

Administrative Procedures

Distribution of Surplus Items within the School District
Equipment or furniture declared surplus at a location within the School District may be used to fill a need elsewhere in the School District. The Procurement Services Department shall coordinate the relocation of such items.
Saleable Surplus Items
Surplus items that are no longer useful within the School District but are in saleable condition shall be listed and put out to bid or public auction. The Procurement Services Department shall manage the sale of such items.
Occasionally offers may be received on individual items awaiting disposal. Where these items have a realizable sale value of under $200, the offer may be considered and decided by the Secretary-Treasurer in consultation with the procurement manager. For items with a value above $200, the sale shall be by competitive bid or auction.
Any sale of a surplus item to a Trustee or employee of the Board shall be governed by the procedures described in this section.
Proceeds from the sale of surplus assets shall be applied against the costs of conducting the sale. Additional revenue shall be credited toward general Board revenues.
Unsaleable Surplus Items
All items that are beyond a reasonable economic repair or which have no value at sale shall be disposed of as scrap. The procurement manager shall arrange disposal after exploring all recycling options and using the most environmentally sensitive means available.