North Vancouver School District
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Policy 808: Re-naming of Facilities and Parts of Facilities
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Adopted: December 11, 2018


Existing school facilities and parts of facilities will not normally be re-named. The Board of Education will consider proposals to re-name a facility or parts of facilities only under those exceptional circumstances when the existing name no longer reflects the values, culture and significance of the school and community.

Guiding Principles
The following are guiding principles for persons wishing to propose the re-naming of district facilities and parts of facilities:
  1. There must be proof of overwhelming support from the community for the re-naming of a facility or part of a facility
  2. The Guiding Principles under Policy 807: Naming of Facilities and Parts of Facilities have been considered
  3. The Board of Education reserves the right to change or remove a name in the event of exceptional circumstances [See Policy 808: Re-Naming of Facilities and Parts of Facilities – Administrative Procedures].
Administrative Procedures