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Queen Mary Elementary School

​Construction at Queen Mary gets closer to completion

November 5, 2013

Construction at Queen Mary Community School is nearing completion.  The photo above was taken inside the gymnasium as the flooring was being installed.  If you look closely, you will see a sliding framework that supports the basketball hoops.  The size of the basketball courts can be changed to suit both elementary and secondary levels of play.


Queen Mary rebuilding and restoration upd​ate

QueenMary 25Jul13.jpg
 July 2, 2013
Summer work on the Queen Mary heritage restoration and rebuilding is concentrating mainly on interior finishing. Painting and flooring will begin on the upper levels of the school while drywall is installed on the first level.
Queen Mary's heritage windows have been refinished and are being reinstalled. The new gymnasium has been framed, and brick cladding will be used for the exterior facing of the gym, providing a rainscreen barrier and protection to the insulation and structural elements of the building. 
​The current phase of interior work will see the completion of the Queen Mary Community Services Association daycare, and office space for a community development coordinator. These organizations work in partnership with Queen Mary Elementary and the North Vancouver Recreation Centre, North Vancouver City and North Shore Neighborhood House to deliver quality programs to the Queen Mary and Lower Lonsdale community of children and families.
A before-Christmas-move-in date will be coordinated with the school to see staff and students return to Queen Mary from their temporary location at Cloverley.