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Mountainside Project FAQ

Updated: October 6, 2019

What is a seismic upgrade? 

A seismic upgrade project upgrades and reduces seismically vulnerable elements within an existing building structure. A similar seismic upgrade was completed at Windsor Secondary School in 2016. 

What are the key elements of the project scope?

The project scope is limited to reinforcing and/or removing unreinforced interior walls, and adding concrete buttresses (large exterior walls) interior concrete shear walls, and steel components on the interior/exterior of the building to improve the building's lateral strength. 

Will the building or school be expanded? 

No, this is a seismic safety project. The school's current programming and use will not change.

Will the school be partially demolished or closed during the project?

No, the school will remain in its current form and continue to operate throughout the project. The upgrade will be undertaken in a phased approach, which will allow work to be isolated to different sections within the building. Restrictive noise generating work will be undertaken during the summer months where possible or before and after school hours in accordance with municipal bylaws to limit disruption to students and neighbours as much as possible. 

Will the interior and exterior of the school be renovated?

The Ministry of Education's project funding is limited to seismic strengthening. Only key building elements affected by the upgrade will be renovated or replaced.

Update October 2020: The Ministry of Education, under its School Enhancement Program, approved additional funds for Mountainside to update the school's building envelope and windows. Additionally, domestic water piping at Mountainside will be replaced as part of an Annual Facility Grant. 

Will there be a public information meeting to provide input?

The building is not undergoing any major change in form or function, so there is no municipal requirement for a public information meeting. 

When will the work occur and how will the school district manage traffic and noise? 

The school district has engaged Unitech Construction Management Ltd. Unitech is the construction management company that will be responsible for supervising and coordinating all tendering and construction activities for the project. Unitech will be conducting work in accordance with municipal construction and noise bylaws. Unitech has filed a construction management transportation plan that has been reviewed and approved by the District of North Vancouver.

Why is there a large amount of tree fencing going up on Mahon avenue?  

Tree protection is a municipal requirement. The fencing is to protect the surrounding trees from construction activities and equipment. Some landscaping modifications will be made on the east side of the building to enhance building accessibility for individuals with special needs. 

Is the parking lot or street being reconfigured as part of the project?

No roadwork is planned as part of this project.

Will the field be affected by this project?

The field will continue to be available for use during the school year. Vehicle access from the driveway and some of the parking areas adjacent to the south and west sides of the school may be closed during summer months and certain phases of the project to accommodate construction activities. The field will remain accessible from the north side of the property.