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North Vancouver School District
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Educational Continuity Plan

In a time of uncertainty, social isolation, and heightened anxiety, it is important for the public schooling system to support and enable a degree of normalcy for children and families.

Schools and classrooms are central features to a community.

It is where children and young adults come together throughout the year and where they feel a sense of connection, belonging, and engagement. 

We recognize there are limits to what is possible without students engaging together in a classroom and school environment.

It is important for students' learning and their sense of connection for us to consider alternatives when classroom instruction is not an option.

To the best of our ability, we need to provide educational continuity for students and families, while recognizing the uniqueness of our current situation and the unfolding and uncertain global concern the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic presents. 

Educational continuity is the term the North Vancouver School District will use to outline a deliberate approach by educators to connect with individual students to:

  • maintain a collective community of learners,
  • provide ongoing support to learners in key concepts needed for future studies,
  • extend learning opportunities for students to enhance current performance
  • and, possibly, improve grades.

We recognize schools, staff, students and families will each have different starting points, and as such, educational continuity will look different from place to place. 

Moving to a remote delivery of learning – where teachers and students are not together in the same place will have a significant impact on our students, families and community stakeholders. An important part of preparing to provide this new type of learning is attending to one another's emotional wellness.

We want to acknowledge the very real fears and concerns surrounding this and provide support to one another by checking in, and to the greatest degree possible creating community within our remote learning spaces.

Remote learning will provide an opportunity for students and educators to remain connected and engaged with learning, while working from locations outside of the regular, physical school environment.

The school district has established an Educational Continuity Team (EC Team). The EC Team will help establish direction for continuity of learning for students. This team will provide guidance on what remote learning might look like, as well as support school principals and vice principals in working with their school staff to develop and implement a Continuity of Education Plan for each school.

The Education Continuity Team has created four sub-teams, each responsible for providing support in their respective areas: