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Summer Learning & Distributed Learning

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This is a time of great uncertainty and considerable stress for our students, staff, parents, and our entire community.

We wish to acknowledge the anxiety and hardships families are facing during this new and unprecedented reality created by the COVID-19 crisis.

Please find below some updates to our Summer Learning and Distributed Learning programs.

Summer Learning

We are very pleased to announce that many of our Summer Learning programs will be offered this summer with specific considerations and adaptations aligned with Provincial Health Authority recommendations for social distancing. Our Summer Learning programs will continue to provide opportunities for students to explore and extend their learning, challenge themselves academically, and fulfill their personal learning goals through engaging and innovative programs. Registration opens on May 1.

Full Credit Courses: July 2-30 (8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)

Full-credit courses will be offered this summer through either a blended or online model.  In both models, the  inquiry-based learning focus of our secondary summer learning program will be further enhanced by the integration of digital tools and technologies.

A blended model will be offered for full credit courses provided the Provincial Health Authority allows small groups of students to attend school in person in July.  This blended model of instruction would include a combination of asynchronous online learning (self-paced), synchronous online learning (real-time) through video conferencing, and in-person learning (at Carson Graham Secondary).  

A fully online model will be offered if the current Provincial Health Authority guidelines are still in place in July. An online model of instruction would include a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online learning. Students would be expected to attend all online class sessions. 

Please note: Students will be expected to attend all online and in-person class sessions for Full Credit Courses.

Foundations Courses: July 2-23 (8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.)

The following Foundation courses will also be offered this summer through either a blended or online model. 

  • Literacy 8/9
  • Numeracy 8/9
  • English Language Learning (ELL) 8-11
Please note: Students will be expected to attend all online and in-person class sessions for Foundations courses.

Elementary Summer Learning (Aug. 24-Sept.3)

We are hoping to be able to offer our Elementary Summer Learning program at Queen Mary from August 24 to September 3. The program will be designed in alignment with the Provincial Health Authority guidelines for safe social distancing in place in August. Please refer back to the Summer Learning home page for further updates if your child has been referred for this program.

Online Teaching and Learning in Distributed Learning Courses

North Vancouver Distributed Learning School teachers and students are already accustomed to the practices of online teaching and learning, but as we all navigate the challenges of the coming weeks, it will be even more important for students and families to maintain a sense of connection, support and normalcy. 

The Distributed Learning teachers will be reconnecting virtually with their students and will continue to support their online learning and success for the remainder of the school year. 

For the most part, Distributed Learning courses will generally continue "business as usual" during the spring term, but with some minor changes to DL exam-taking protocols and registration processes.

Updates to this Educational Continuity for Distributed Learning Plan will be provided on a regular basis through this website.

Students who are currently enrolled in Distributed Learning courses will continue their regular course assignments and assessments with their teacher through the online Moodle format.  

Parents are encouraged to continue to support their child's progress by checking timelines and deadlines, setting expectations and providing encouragement for routines and work/study habits. Mentor Manager (in Moodle) will be used to monitor academic progress. Communication with the DL teacher can be done through Moodle or email.

If parents have specific questions regarding their child's progress in DL, they should connect with their child's DL teacher through email messaging, the Moodle platform, or phone calls.  Now more than ever, positive home-school partnerships are vital to the success of our DL students.

Distributed Learning Centres

Access to our Distributed Learning Centre at Mountainside and secondary school sites has been an important component in our blended learning model, enabling students to receive in-person academic support from teachers and have a place to write exams. However, given our commitment to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for students and staff, and within the context of the suspension of in-classroom learning, we have closed our Distributed Learning Centres until further notice. 

The DL teachers are currently working on revised processes for online assessments and exam invigilation in DL courses. These plans will be communicated to students and parents as soon as they are available. 

Academic support for students will continue to be provided by DL teachers through the Moodle platform, including the virtual E-Campus. 

Distributed Learning Registrations

Registrations approved and received prior to spring break will be processed by the middle of April.  New registrations from our adult learners will continue to be accepted and processed.

Please Note: We are currently not accepting any new Distributed Learning registrations from secondary students enrolled full time at mainstream secondary schools, both within the North Vancouver School District and elsewhere. 

We will continue to provide updates on decisions regarding DL registration processes in the coming weeks. Please be patient as we work through these changes to registration processes.

We appreciate and value working in partnership with parents to support student's studying through Distributed Learning. We are committed to maintaining consistent communication and providing updates to you over the coming months.