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North Vancouver School District
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Kindergarten Registration FAQ

Q:  Is registration on a first come, first served basis?

A:  No. All registrations received by the end date of the priority placement window will be treated equally. There is no benefit gained from applying on the first day.

All kindergarten applications received AFTER the priority placement deadline will be dealt with in the order in which they were received.

Q:  Can registration be completed online?

A:  No. Students must be registered in person by a parent/guardian at the NVSD Central Registration office, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.

*New this year: You must make an appointment using our new online booking system in order to register your child for kindergarten.

Q:  What if there is no available time on the Booking app to make an appointment (required) to register my child in person?

A:  If there are no booking times available, please check back. Additional times will be added daily, with more than enough spaces for everyone to make an appointment by the priority placement deadline. 

QHow do I fill in the boxes at the top of the registration form (North Van Catchment Area School, 1st Placement Request, 2nd Placement Request)?

A:  There are three boxes at the top of the registration form

  • 1st box = catchment school (school closest to your home address based on school district catchment boundaries – use School Locator on our website if unsure)
  • 2nd box = 1st Placement Request (if you would like your child to attend your catchment school then the catchment school name goes in this box as well)
  • 3rd box = 2nd placement request (if the 1st placement request is not possible we will look at your 2nd placement request)

Q: We are planning to move to North Vancouver next fall. What should I do if I don't have an address at this time?

A: You may register your child without a residence in North Vancouver, but placement priority is largely determined by your residence relative to your school of choice. Please visit our 2021/2022 Kindergarten Registration page for further details.

French Immersion

Q: How does the District select students for the French Immersion program?

A: Siblings of students currently enrolled in a French Immersion program have first priority (same school/same program). Afterwards, a lottery system is used to place students into the program.

Q: Do I have to speak French for my child to enrol in French Immersion?

A: Children, parents and guardians do not need to speak French to enroll in the French Immersion program.

Q:  Can I list a French Immersion school/program as my second request and list a non-catchment English school/program as my first request?

A:   If you list an English school/program as your first request, you will not be included in the French Immersion Lottery.       


Q:  If I want my child to attend a specific school for the French Immersion program as the first request and for the English program as the second request, how do I indicate this on the form?

A:   Please indicate the requested program after the school name.  For example:

  • 1st placement request:  Braemar (FI)
  • 2nd placement request:  Braemar (Eng)

QDo I have to list two French Immersion Schools?

A:  If you would only like to attend one specific French Immersion School then only put that school down. 

Q If we are not successful with the French Immersion Lottery, will we be placed on the wait list for the French Immersion schools requested?

A:  Yes, you will be placed on the wait list of both French Immersion schools if you were unsuccessful in being placed in either. 

QIf my child is placed in the second French Immersion Placement Request, will we be put on the wait list for the first French Immersion Placement Request?

A:  No, you will be considered placed in a school of your choosing.

Q If my child is placed in French Immersion, and I later decide to remove them from this program, can they go to the catchment school?

A:  You would need to come into Central Registration and put in a Transfer Request Form to your catchment school and placement would be dependent on space. You would be placed on the Kindergarten wait list for your catchment school if there is no space at the time of the Transfer.


English Language Learning (ELL)

Q: My child doesn't speak English. Will my child receive English language support? 

A: Yes, there are English Language Learning (ELL) teachers in all elementary schools.

Note: Please remember to indicate that your child speaks a language other than English on the kindergarten registration form.


International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme

Q: Is there a specific registration form for the IB programme?

A: No, the registration form is the same. However, if you would like your child to be placed in an IB programme, you would need to request one of our schools which offers IB (Norgate Community, Capilano Elementary, Queen Mary Community).

Q: Does my child have to participate in the IB programme of their catchment school?

A: Yes, if your catchment school is one of our three IB schools (Norgate Community, Capilano Elementary, Queen Mary Community), your child will be enrolled in the IB programme. All students in an IB school are part of the IB programme.

General Questions

Q:  When will I know of our school placement?

A:  We aim to have the have all placements made by the end of March, after which time you will hear from the school. In rare circumstances, we will hold off in an effort to accommodate your placement request. 

QWhat can I do if I don't get my first Placement School Request, or my second Placement School Request?

A:  If you do not get either placement requests, please come into Central Registration as soon as possible and fill out a Transfer form for the school you would like to request.

Q: Is my child expected to attend kindergarten if they aren't ready?

A: Parents/guardians may defer the start of kindergarten by one year.

Q: Where do I get information on the curriculum taught in Kindergarten?

A: On the Ministry Of Education website.

Q: My child has medical concerns. How do I let the district know?

A: If your child has medical concerns, please note the medical concerns on your child's registration form.

Q: Will it be possible to visit my child's school prior to the start up next fall?

A: Normally, children and families visit their new schools prior to September. However, with COVID-19 protocols in place, please wait to hear from your child's school regarding visits and tours.