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North Vancouver School District
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Policy 705: The Board Operating as a Charitable Organization
Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board is committed to providing quality educational programs, the costs of which may exceed traditional funding.
The Board has established itself as a charitable organization that must operate within the regulations set out for such an organization by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The Board will solicit and accept tax deductible donations related to its operation as a charitable organization, subject to the guidelines provided in the administrative procedures of this policy.

Administrative Procedures

Board of Directors and Officers
The Board shall serve as the Board of Directors and the Superintendent and the Secretary- Treasurer shall serve as the officers for the charitable organization. The Board may appoint, as necessary, consultative committees to advise on marketing, investment and other matters related to the operation of the charitable organization.
The Board shall use its status as a charitable organization to actively solicit a complete range of tax-deductible donations, as allowed by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The receipt and use of such donations shall be governed by the following:
    • All donations must meet Canada Customs and Revenue Agency guidelines to be eligible for a tax receipt
    • Donors will be permitted to direct their gifts to specific schools, programs, services and activities
    • Each school shall have an account within the charitable organization and will be permitted to use the organization to actively solicit donations for the school’s purposes
    • The full amount of every donation shall be used for its intended purpose.
Operational Expenses for the Charitable Organization
All costs for operating the charitable organization shall be funded from other sources.