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Policy 703: Procurement of Goods and Services
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Revised: September 25, 2001


It is the policy of the Board to utilize sound and ethical business practices while obtaining the best value for its expenditures on goods and services. The Board also wishes to conduct its procurement activities in a manner consistent with accepted professional purchasing practices.
The Secretary-Treasurer has the responsibility for employing appropriate fiscal controls and sound business practices to ensure that the Board’s procurement policy goals are met.

Administrative Procedures

Purchasing Committee
The Secretary-Treasurer may establish a user committee to meet on a regular basis to provide consultation regarding the School District’s procurement practices. The committee will normally consist of representatives from secondary and elementary school administrative groups and of representatives serving various School District functions such as facilities and planning, financial services, IT services, and procurement services. The procurement manager will chair the committee.
Guiding Principles
All interested suppliers shall be encouraged to quote on School District requirements for goods and services.
Large volume purchasing generally results in reduced pricing, improved services, speedier delivery, more favourable terms and conditions, and enhanced performance.
All purchases made in the name of the Board or of a school become the property of the Board. The same conditions apply to donations to the Board or a school. The Board reserves the right to refuse any donation or purchase.
Solicitation of Competitive Bids
The procurement manager is responsible for maintaining a uniform set of procedures, terms and conditions, standard documents and a comprehensive, impartial evaluation process for the solicitation of bids. The number of bids shall be sufficient to adequately represent a diverse cross section of the competitive market place. Process requirements are as follows:

< $15,000 at the discretion of the procurement manager

> $15,000 minimum of three formal written quotations required

> $25,000 minimum of three sealed tenders required.

The Board reserves the right at all times to reject some or all bids, to not award the contract or purchase, or to re-tender.
Contract Awards
Purchase orders, issued by the procurement manager, will be used to award contracts on the basis of best value for the School District. All relevant factors contributing to the overall value of the contact will be weighted and measured consistent with acceptable purchasing practices. All factors being equal, contracts will be awarded to local, provincial, Canadian and international suppliers in that order. Final approval requirements for contract awards are as follows:
< $25,000 upon the approval of the procurement manager
> $25,000 upon the approval of the Secretary-Treasurer
Conflict of Interest
This procedure applies to all School District employees who participate in any phase of the purchasing process. Employees engaged in the purchasing function will be free of interests or relationships which are actually or potentially inimical to the best interests of the School District. Employees will not engage in any purchase transaction in which they have an undisclosed interest.
Any employee engaged in purchasing who has assumed, or is about to assume, a financial or other outside business relationship that might involve a conflict of interest, must inform the procurement manager of the circumstances involved. This information will be reviewed at an appropriate level for a decision about whether or not a conflict of interest is present and, if so, what course of action is to be taken.
The School District will not purchase any goods or services from an employee, or close relative of an employee, without the prior written approval of the Secretary-Treasurer.
Ethical Conduct
All School District employees who participate in any phase of the procurement process shall act in an ethical manner as described in the School District document known as the Purchasing Guide.
Acceptance of gifts, travel, entertainment, or any other incentives of value by the Board or by employees is not permitted.
Employee Personal Purchases
School District employees shall not personally gain, financially or otherwise, from any purchase transaction in which they have represented themselves, or have led others to believe that they are representing themselves, as conducting business on behalf of the School District.
Purchase Order Contract Requirements
Formal written purchase order contract documents perform important business functions. These documents assure maximum clarity in communicating specifications, terms and conditions and provide legal protection for all parties. Formal purchase order contract documents issued by the procurement manager are required for the following purchases:
    • Assets, including all furniture and equipment
    • Computer equipment
    • Any contracts in effect for more than one year
    • All leases
    • All insurance requirements
    • All telephone-related purchases including service, repair or installation
    • All purchase transactions exceeding $1,000 in value.
Purchasing Card
Purchasing cards may be issued to any employee routinely involved in purchasing supplies and services. Applications for purchasing cards must be approved by the principal or other supervising administrator and forwarded to the procurement manager for processing. The Secretary-Treasurer has the responsibility for the approval of a purchasing card application.
The purchasing card is to be used for routine supply and service purchases within the established limits of the card. Detailed information on the use of the purchasing card can be found in the Purchasing Guide.