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Policy 504: Non-Teaching Personnel
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Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board believes that the School District’s non-teaching personnel play necessary and important roles in support of the education of North Vancouver School District students. While teaching personnel play the central role in the education of students, their effectiveness would be compromised significantly without the support of qualified, caring and committed non-teaching personnel. The Board is dedicated to recruiting, selecting, appointing and retaining the highest possible quality of personnel for the various non-teaching positions in the School District.

Administrative Procedures

Definition of Non-Teaching Personnel
Non-teaching personnel shall include all clerical, custodial, maintenance and paraprofessional staff covered under the collective agreement with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (Local 389).
Authority to Appoint Non-Teaching Personnel
The Superintendent shall establish each year the number of non-teaching personnel to be employed and the allocation of these personnel within the School District. The Superintendent is authorized to recruit, select, appoint and assign non-teaching personnel.
Appointment and Assignment of Non-Teaching Personnel
Procedures for recruiting and appointing non-teaching personnel shall be established to ensure the selection of the best candidates to provide the highest possible quality of support services for the education of students. As far as is possible, appointments shall be those applicants who possess the highest superior blend of skills, experience and qualifications.
Supervision and Evaluation of Non-Teaching Personnel
The Superintendent shall establish and maintain a program of supervision and evaluation of non-teaching personnel.