North Vancouver School District
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Policy 503: District Administrative Personnel
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Revised: September 25, 2001


The Board has the statutory authority and responsibility to establish policies respecting the provision of educational programs and services for the students of North Vancouver School District. The Superintendent, as chief executive officer, is accountable to the Board for implementing those policies and for the effective operation of the school system.
The Superintendent, in the capacity of chief executive officer, shall have adequate administrative personnel for the efficient operation of the District and shall recommend to the Board for its approval an organizational plan for the appointment of necessary School District administrative and other exempt management personnel.
The Board shall approve the administrative organization for the School District, the entitlements of administrative personnel, and the specific position description of the Superintendent. Copies of all other position descriptions shall be provided to the Board for information.
The Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures consistent with both the administrative organization approved by the Board and the provisions of the School Act.
Providing funds are available, the Superintendent is authorized to employ temporary or part-time consultants who shall exercise no administrative authority over the work of employees in the School District, but act only as advisers.

Administrative Procedures

District Administrative Organization
Salaries and Benefits for School District Administrative and Other Exempt Management Personnel
In order to attract and retain highly-regarded and effective School District administrators and other exempt management personnel, the Board is committed to compensating these employee groups with salaries and benefits commensurate with their contribution to the School District and competitive with that provided in other metropolitan school districts of similar size.
Salaries and benefits for School District administrative and other exempt management personnel have been established by Board resolution and shall be adjusted from time to time in relation to corresponding average increases to the salary agreements of the following metropolitan school districts: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, Langley and Delta.
Salaries, benefits and other conditions of employment shall be set out in individual written contracts of employment for each School District administrator.
Supervision and Evaluation of School District Administrators
The Superintendent shall establish and maintain a comprehensive program of professional development, supervision and evaluation for School District administrators in order to ensure that the quality of District administrative service remains at the highest level possible.