North Vancouver School District
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Policy 307: Emergency Management and Response for Schools

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Adopted:  March 8, 2016


The establishment and maintenance of safe learning environments for all students is a high priority for the Board.  To this end, each school will establish and maintain a standing Emergency Planning Committee consisting of an Administrator(s), NVTA member(s) and CUPE member(s), to oversee all emergency planning and preparedness steps to ensure student safety during emergencies.

The School District will pay particular attention to:

  • Types of emergencies
  • Planning, preparing and training for emergencies
  • Responding to emergencies.

The School District will work closely with parents (PAC), the RCMP, the fire departments of the City and District of North Vancouver, and the North Shore Emergency Management Office when planning responses to emergency situations that may impact on the safety of the school community (students, staff and parents). 

Review of the Policy

The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designate will review this policy as required.