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Superintendent's Welcome Back from Winter Break

January 03, 2023


January 3, 2023

Dear North Vancouver School District Community,

On behalf of the North Vancouver School District and Board of Education, I would like to extend a warm welcome back after the Winter Break. I hope you were able to spend time with loved ones, connect with friends near and far, and enjoy some of those seasonal activities that add warmth and light to the longer, wintery days.

As we look forward to the rest of the school year, and the exceptional teaching and learning that happens in and outside the classroom, I encourage and invite you to make 2023 your year of curiosity, connection, and community. Be engaged, get involved, and get informed on all that is happening throughout the school district.

Between now and Spring Break, there will be many opportunities for you to share your thoughts with respect to next year’s secondary school schedule, school calendar and budget priorities. Attend a public board or standing committee meeting, complete an online survey, attend an information session or open house – there really is no shortage for you to not only shape many important initiatives but also see for yourself the good work that happens at schools and sites throughout the school district.

Please review the regular updates sent to you from both your school and school district office. Whether it is through departmental updates sent to staff or Events and Registrations updates sent to families, these monthly publications are intended to keep you current on upcoming important initiatives and program or event dates. In addition, the Superintendent’s Report, issued toward the end of each month to the entire NVSD community, recaps happenings across the school district, but also highlights good news stories and other informational items that impact our school district community.

Lastly, school-based Parent Advisory Councils, whose good work complements the teaching and learning that happens in our schools and offers families an important connection to the school community, are always looking for parents and guardians who have some time to add their skills, expertise and energy to initiatives.

There is no shortage of ways to be an engaged member of the North Vancouver School District community. Make this your year to get involved; the school district welcomes and encourages it.


Dr. Pius Ryan
Superintendent of Schools

Kulvir Mann
Chair, Board of Education