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Kids Design the Ads special feature (North Shore News)

May 26, 2022


We let kids design the ads for a special section of the North Shore News, and they came up with some great creations! | Kids Design the Ads

By North Shore News.

There’s a duck selling insurance, a giant bear attacking skyscrapers, and an alien learning to read.

We asked students from schools across West Vancouver and North Vancouver to design ads to run in our newspaper, and they did not disappoint, coming up with some great artwork and super creative ideas.

It’s all part of our annual Kids Design the Ads feature, which brings local businesses together with schools and the North Shore News for a fun bit of community building and learning.

“Many of the students enjoyed the experience, and our principal, Ms. Kee, was particularly impressed with the artistic endeavours,” said Diane Ehling, a Grade 5/6 teacher at Cove Cliff Elementary in North Vancouver, adding that the students were excited to see their work appear in the newspaper. “The students appreciated the experience.”

Other participating schools included Eastview Elementary and École Sherwood Park Elementary in North Vancouver, and École Cedardale, Ridgeview Elementary and Gleneagles Ch’axay Elementary in West Vancouver. We’ve stitched all of the entries together into video montages for each school so you can see all of the artwork. Follow the links below to see the ads designed by students from each school:

Artwork video for Cove Cliff

Artwork video for Eastview

Artwork video for Cedardale

Artwork video for Ridgeview

Artwork video for Gleneagles Ch’axay

Artwork video for Sherwood Park

The Kids Design the Ads feature is always a favourite for staff members at the North Shore News, who get to enjoy the exuberance of youth and maybe even pick up a few design ideas from these talented students. You can see all of the winning entries in the May 25 print edition of the North Shore News, or in the digital edition of the Kids Design the Ads feature

Thank you to all of the participating businesses, schools, teachers and, most of all, students!