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Literacy Tips/Resources

Every Child, Every Day! 

Families play the most important role in setting children up for success with literacy instruction at school. Raising a reader begins at birth – from the moment we respond to our baby's first gurgles to sharing a bedtime story with our five-year-old.

Books may be what comes to mind when 'literacy' is mentioned, but babies also benefit from singing and storytelling – particularly in cultures with strong oral traditions.

The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) reports that literacy is one of the strongest predictors of lifelong health outcomes.

The CPS recommends

  • Reading, speaking and singing to children in the language families are most comfortable with;
  • Snuggling up to read a story, which can enhance attention, engagement and connection;
  • Talking about surroundings when out and about (e.g., “Do you see the brown dog?")
  • Using repetition to help children learn, internalize, and re-create stories and songs.
  • Using story time or songs to create routines at transitional times, such as bath time or bedtime
  • Using story time to replace some screen time in the home
  • Asking your child's health care provider or classroom teacher about literacy resources available in the community.

A student sits on a black couch while reading a picture book.