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Learning Together

For over 20 years, the North Vancouver School District's Learning Together (LT) program has provided pregnant and parenting youth living on the North Shore  the opportunity and support to complete their high school education. 

The program offers students an individualized program with self-paced learning in addition to the regular course and work experience offerings. Learning Together also provides the option of inclusive and nurturing childcare services for the babies of parents enrolled in the program. 

The Learning Together program enhances students' parenting knowledge and skills in a supportive environment.


Features and Benefits of the Program

    • Dedicated classroom offering a range of subjects
    • Practical family management course providing information on nutrition, budgeting, and relationships
    • Enriched childcare environment let by qualified Early Childhood Educators for all children (up to 36 months of age), including those with special needs and from a wider North Shore community
    • Collaborative program involves community partner participation to provide group and one-on-one counselling, support for housing, employment, and legal issues
    • Emphasis on health and wellness facilitated by weekly visits from a community health nurse and other community experts to advise on infant development, breast feeding, nutrition, personal growth, and other topics important to young parents.

Contact Information

North Shore Neighbourhood House
Phone 604.987.8138

District Counsellor, North Vancouver School District
Phone 604.903.3278

Questions and Answers

Q. How do I know that the Learning Program is right for me?
A. Students in the LT program are often referred by a Vancouver Coastal Health community health nurse, or may learn of the program independently.  Students come to the program motivated to complete secondary school while raising a child.

Q. Is it difficult to get into the program?  Is there a wait list?  Do I have to wait until September to begin?
A. Students have the opportunity to enter the program in either September, November, January, or April.

Q. What is the success rate of Learning Together?  Do most students graduate?
A. LT has operated for over 20 years with most students completing their secondary school program.

Q. What is the schedule of LT?  Does it follow regular school hours?
A. Students make a commitment to either a part-time or full-time course of study.

Q. Is there a cost for the program?  Fees?  Childcare costs?
A. There is no charge to participate in the Learning Together program for students under the age of 19 years old.  Students over the age of 19 will be assisted in obtaining funding for childcare costs.

Q. What is the age range of students in the Learning Together program?
A. LT is designed for students aged 13 to 24 years of age.

Q. Are any other organizations or professionals associated with the Learning Together program?
A. LT is offered through an established partnership between:

    • North Vancouver School District
    • North Shore Neighbourhood House
    • SkwxwΓΊ7mesh Nation
    • Vancouver Coastal Health
    • Ministry for Children and Families.

Q. What if I am unable to finish the program?  Would I be able to come back at a later time and try again?
A. Yes, if your child is three years or younger; the childcare centre focuses on infants and toddlers only.  Children over three would have the option of attending a North Shore Neighbourhood House daycare at another location.

Q. How old does my baby have to be to attend the daycare?
A. Learning Together has babies as young as two weeks old attending.

Q. Are there opportunities for work experience?
A. Yes, students in LT program have participated in work experience programs that applied to their graduation requirements.