North Vancouver School District
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Elementary Program
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North Vancouver's elementary schools provide excellent programs focusing on the development of the personal, social and academic potential of each student.

The North Vancouver School District's elementary schools provide quality education for students in Kindergarten through Grade 7 programs which are divided into two levels: primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3) and intermediate (Grades 4 to 7). Kindergarten students must turn five before December 31 of the year they enter Kindergarten.

All 25 elementary schools welcome International students, providing their own parent (s) are able to reside here with their children for the full school year. Elementary-age students (Kindergarten to Grade 7) are not permitted to reside in homestay or with family friends or relatives.

International students are welcome to request specific school placements, and depending on timing of application and availability most students are placed at the school of their request. We are also able to make school recommendations based on the individual interests, needs, or talents of the student.