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Homestay Information

Our homestay program plays a key role in enhancing the international student experience.

Homestay placements provide students the opportunity to experience life with a Canadian family and immerse themselves in the Canadian community experience. In a supportive, safe and comfortable setting, international students learn about Canadian culture, strengthen their English language skills and develop lifelong friendships.

The International Education team works closely with external homestay agencies to place international students with caring families. Our goal is to place international students with families located in close proximity to their schools, preferably within walking distance, so that students have an opportunity to develop a real sense of school and community.

Local homestay agencies interview and visit with all homestay families. This careful screening process ensures homestay families are prepared to:

  • Welcome students into their home.
  • Treat students like extended members of the family.
  • Include students in family activities.
  • Spend quality time with students.

Throughout the homestay experience, both our International Education Program team and the homestay companies work closely with families to ensure safety, security, and comfort to our international students. Every effort is made to match students' interests and needs with those of their host families.

International students are provided with their own fully furnished bedroom, three quality meals a day, and access to laundry facilities, television and telephone.

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Questions about homestay opportunities?

North Vancouver School District’s International Program team work closely with a variety of homestay companies. Two local options include:

MLI Homestay

International students and families with questions about our homestay program are asked to contact our International Education Program office at