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May 29
Experiential learning takes flight with chicks in the classroom

By Lindsay Davidson, French Immersion Teacher and Katie Kenny, Teacher 

This spring, Larson Elementary had the incredible opportunity to welcome twelve fertilized eggs from a generous farmer in Langley, marking a memorable chapter in our journey of experiential learning. Under the dedicated guidance of Mme. Camille, our Learning Support Teacher, students embarked on an educational adventure that seamlessly blended science, empathy, and hands-on experience. The chicks lived in one of the Kindergarten classrooms during their time at Larson. 


Mme. Camille's initiative to incorporate the chicks into the classroom was more than just an exercise in observation, it was a tailored approach to support a student’s personal learning goals. By engaging in daily tracking of the chicks’ development, students learned to monitor progress, understand the stages of growth, and appreciate the delicate balance of life. This immersive project fostered a sense of responsibility and curiosity among the students, as they meticulously recorded changes and eagerly awaited each new day’s developments. 

The excitement and joy spread throughout the school. Each morning before school started, teachers and staff were greeted by the loud, happy cheeps of the chicks. Students from other classes would pass by, stopping in to visit the chicks and check on their progress. This daily interaction created a buzz of anticipation and engagement that extended beyond the kindergarten classroom. 

An extra special aspect of this project was the involvement of Mme. Davidson’s daughter, known to the Kindergarteners as farmer Charlotte. She did an incredible job teaching the young students about the chicks every day, sharing her knowledge and passion with enthusiasm that was both inspiring and educational. 

The excitement peaked when the chicks were expected to hatch. To ensure the chicks’ safe arrival, Mme. Davidson graciously offered to take the eggs home over the weekend. As fate would have it, the chicks began to hatch on Saturday, filling the hearts of our students and staff with joy and wonder. The first chick was named Colleen in a touching tribute to our late Administrative Assistant, became a symbol of hope and remembrance for our school community. The students’ creativity continued to shine through in the other names they gave the chicks, including Troy, Rupert, Kyle, Cupcake, Cutie Wootie, and many other inventive names. 


A week after the chicks hatched, a special field trip was organized to return them to their original home. Kindergarten teachers Mme. Davidson, her farmer Charlotte, Mrs. Kenny, her daughter Evelyn, and Mme Camille, escorted the chicks back to farmer Tamara. Tamara informed us that the flock would live in Pitt Meadows at a camp for children, where they would continue to receive lots of attention.  

Mme. Camille's passion and commitment to experiential learning have left a lasting impact. Her efforts have not only supported individual learning goals but have also created a vibrant, nurturing environment where students can witness the marvels of life firsthand. The project has highlighted the importance of innovative teaching methods and the profound effect they can have on young minds. 

This experience with the chicks has been a testament to the power of hands-on learning. It has shown our students the value of patience, care, and the wonders of the natural world. We are deeply grateful to Mme. Camille for her exceptional contribution and to Mme. Davidson and farmer Charlotte for their unwavering support. Together, they have made this unique educational journey possible, enriching our students' lives and fostering a lifelong love for learning. 



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