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May 18
Argyle students explore North Vancouver's past through research at MONOVA

By Genevieve Taylor, Teacher, and Grace Owens, Teacher

​Argyle's English 8 students recently embarked on a historical narratives project through The Museum North Vancouver's Archives (MONOVA) located just across the street from Argyle in the historic Lynn Valley Elementary School building. Their mission? Dive into primary sources, uncover the stories of local figures, and craft historical narratives.

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Equipped with curiosity, students delved into MONOVA's exhibits, immersing themselves in artifacts, photos, and documents curated by the museum staff in easy-to-use boxes based on each historical person. Guided by their teachers, Ms. Owens and Mrs. Taylor, in addition to the knowledgeable museum staff, they analyzed primary sources such as photos, artifacts, and diaries for insights into the past.

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Using their research notes, students then embarked on writing historical narratives. From inventors, athletes, to community leaders, each narrative brought a different figure to life, showcasing the diverse history of North Vancouver.

Argyle's English 8 journey to MONOVA was more than a field trip—it was an exploration of the past, fostering a new generation of local historians and writers.

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