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May 07
Braemar Elementary rocks Earth Day recycling relay

By Cheryl Ham, Vice Principal

Students at Braemar Elementary had a blast during their Earth Day celebrations with a super engaging recycling relay. Led and organized by the school's Environmental Club and cheered on by teachers Mme. Plaisant and Ms. Turnbull, the event took over the basketball court on a sunny spring day.

Before the relay kicked off, students got a crash course on the ins and outs of recycling. They learned all about the importance of sorting trash right and how it helps our planet stay clean and green. They watched a video made by the Environmental Club, showing off the new bins including ones Braemar has added for soft plastics. Shoutout to Ms. Turnbull for leading the charge on that and taking the soft plastics to the transfer station herself!


Armed with their newfound recycling smarts, the kids dove into the relay. The Environmental Club rounded up all sorts of materials – paper, plastic, and even organic waste – just like what you'd find at home or school.

With teamwork and high spirits, each class took their turn at the sorting stations. They carefully looked at each item and decided where it belonged. Compostables went straight to the compost bin, while recyclables got sorted into bins for soft plastics, paper, or mixed recycling. Anything that couldn't be recycled found its way into the garbage bin.


The energy was off the charts as the kids raced to finish the relay. Every time a class nailed the sorting, there were cheers all around. And it was awesome to see the older kids giving high-fives to the younger ones!

This hands-on activity wasn't just about sorting trash – it was about showing love for our planet. The students left the Earth Day celebration at Braemar Elementary with a renewed commitment to keeping things eco-friendly every day. 



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