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Apr 18
FrancoFête at the North Vancouver School District

By Tracy Langer, French Immersion Facilitator

From April 8 to 11, the vibrant atmosphere of French language and culture filled the The Pipe Shop at the Shipyards as 1600 elementary and Grade 10 French Immersion students came together for an unforgettable event, FrancoFête.

Primary students jammed it out with the musical talents of Juno nominated ‘Will’s Jams’ and laughed out loud through the performance wits of a French clown. Intermediate students had the privilege of rocking it out to acting and performing recording artist, DJ Samian. The extraordinary talents of recording artist Missy D concluded the event with her beautiful songs. It was amazing to see many students singing along word for word.


Between performances students were able to participate in activities which included crêpe tasting, photo booth, and tattoo stations.


For Grade 10 French Immersion students, FrancoFête offered more than just entertainment; it provided valuable insights into the professional opportunities that await bilingual individuals. Between captivating performances, students engaged with representatives from various organizations, discovering firsthand how bilingualism can open doors to a multitude of career paths. From conversations with representatives from Simon Fraser University and British Columbia Institute of Technology  about specialized programs and scholarships to exploring bilingual job opportunities, students gained invaluable knowledge about leveraging their language skills in the real world.


This was an amazing and unique opportunity for our French Immersion students to experience the French culture outside of the confines of the classroom while meeting and interacting with students from other schools. 

Check out an interview by Rapper Samian on Radio-Canada Ohdio where he speaks on the importance of implementing multiple ways of moving.



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