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Feb 13
Ennovation - The Inkless Metal Pen

By Soraya Rajan- Economics 12/CLE Instructor, Seycove Secondary

Note: This blog was originally posted on the Career Pathways 44 site.

We are thrilled to share the success of the Seycove Secondary School’s  “Ennovate Team’  in the recent competition held at UBC. On January 27th, the team secured third place, receiving recognition from a range of industry professionals.

IMG_2596.jpegEnnovate is a transformative four-month program designed to equip high school students with essential business and soft skills. Through engaging workshops, students build a foundation in entrepreneurship. With guidance from UBC’s Ennovate mentors, students establish a social enterprise tackling real-world issues. The program culminates in a final pitch to industry experts, highlighting their innovative solutions and dedication.

The Seycove team honed their fundamental business and soft skills, ultimately delivering a compelling presentation that reflected the team’s creativity, innovation and collaborative spirit.  Their Inkless Metal Pen not only serves the community but also contributes to environmental well-being.

We commend all students who participated in the Ennovate program for their hard work, commitment, and passion. Their dedication is genuinely inspiring, and we are incredibly proud of each one of them.

A special thanks to Jordan Lo for leading the team and to Seycove Principal, Ms.Sarah Best for supporting the process.

Learn more about the Inkless Metal Pen by viewing a short YouTube video.


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