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May 02
School district partners with City and District Fire to bring CPR training to students

By Jennifer Kinakin, District Careers Coordinator

CPR C Photo 2_Credit Mike Danks City Fire.jpgWe are thrilled to share news of a new initiative that will see both City and District Fire providing CPR training to all Grade 10 students through their Physical Education classes.

This collaboration, an extension of the partnership the school district has with both departments, supports our collective efforts to improve the safety and well-being of students and community members.

Each fire department has provided expertise and resources to teachers to make this program possible. First responders have generously offered their time and knowledge to create a comprehensive training curriculum that teaches students the essential skills they need to respond in the event of a cardiac emergency or deadly bleed.

Online learning modules from the Red Cross, in addition to firefighters facilitating students’ application of techniques in a variety of scenarios, have created a bridge between Physical and Health Education (PHE) curricular requirements and Career Education.

We recognize CPR training is a vital skill that can save lives, and we are proud to have been able to offer it to all Grade 10 students enrolled in PHE 10 this school year (almost 700!). This training will empower students to respond confidently and effectively in the event of an emergency.

Thank you to the teachers who embraced the opportunity and to the approximately 550 students who engaged in the course. A special thank you goes to those from City and District Fire involved in coordinating the initiative, including Conrad Breakey (Captain – Public Safety, District Fire), Tyler Lentsch (Captain, City Fire), and training officers from both departments.

CPR C Photo 5_Credit Mike Danks City Fire.jpg 

First image supplied by Mike Danks, North Vancouver City Fire Department.


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