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Nov 13
Creation soars at Queen Mary

For Halloween this year, staff at Queen Mary Community Elementary didn't need to go far to find their perfect costumes – students made their costumes for them…


QM costumes.jpeg

What started as an idea to reuse boxes for some sort of cool hands-on project, quickly took on the imagination of students in the school's Creation Club. 

"The kids jumped on the idea of making the teachers into Boxtrolls," explained Kara, the Creation Club facilitator.

For several weeks leading up to Halloween, the Creation Club met every day at lunch hour to work on the staff costumes. Students drew and painted all of the box labels, then glued and taped all of the boxes, as well as traced arm and head holes. Staff members then cut the head and arm holes. It took weeks, but it was worth it.

"Seeing all the teachers walking around in boxes was hilarious," said Loghan.

"When I was making the costumes I felt really useful," said Ron.

"I put in the work, so the teachers could 'work it'," said Claire.

The school's Creation Club started four years ago with two students who had a desire to meet a couple times a week to 'create'. They started by knitting toques and it was quite informal; but when word spread of the opportunity for students to use their creativity to make things, the group grew and officially became the Creation Club. Now, the group of grades 4, 5 and 6 students meets three times a week and usually create things out of recycled materials. Making boxtroll Halloween costumes for staff was the perfect project!

"I was really enthusiastic about the boxtrolls, and I love Creation Club," said Kyle.

"I love Creation Club. It was fun to make costumes for the teachers. I made my own costume at Creation Club too," said Shale.

"I love Creation Club," said Grace.


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