North Vancouver School District
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Land Management

As a result of demographic changes such as an aging population and smaller families that have resulted in declining enrolment, and the School District's direction toward fewer newer schools, the Board of Education has found it necessary to close schools to reduce surplus capacity.  By June 2012, the Board found itself in the position of having 12 surplus properties.  It is highly unlikely that these properties will be required again for school use as future enrollment growth can be accommodated through additions to existing operating schools.

The Board of Education has an important stewardship role respecting these valuable community assets as well as a desire to maximize their revenue potential to support enriched educational opportunities for students within the North Vancouver School District.  Accordingly, the Board requested development of a strategy that demonstrates how the varied interests are balanced while moving forward in a positive direction.  A full copy of the School District's Surplus Land Retention and Disposition Strategy, 2011, is available here.

The following properties are identified as having potential to be repurposed in the future to bring higher value to the School District and community:

Blueridge Elementary

Braemar Surplus Land Parcel

Cloverley School

Fromme School

Lonsdale Creek Annex

Lucas Centre & Leo Marshall Curriculum Centre

Maplewood School

Monteray School

Plymouth School

Ridgeway Annex

Westover School