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District Achievement Contract 2011-2014

The School Act requires each Board of Education in British Columbia to prepare and submit to the Minister of Education an Achievement Contract with respect to standards for student performance and plans for improving achievement for all students in the School District.

The District Achievement Contract - June 2014 is the Board of Education's public commitment to improving student achievement.  It is based on thoughtful consideration of student performance information at the classroom, school, district and provincial level.

The District Achievement Contract - June 2014 is a public statement of the North Vancouver School District's on-going commitment to providing world-class instruction and improving success for each and every students in our school District.   

The Achievement Contract is a three-year plan, updated annually, and is the basis for the annual Superintendent's Report on Student Achievement to the Board of Education.   The North Vancouver School District's Achievement Contract outlines the North Vancouver School District's goals for the improvement of student success; describes strategic actions; and identifies how the School District will monitor progress and make adjustments to improve results.

It aligns with other improvement initiatives including the School District's 10-Year Strategic Plan, Vision Statements, Superintendent's Report on AchievementAboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement, and District Literacy Plan.


History - Achievement Contracts

The requirement for an annual School District Accountability Contract was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 2001/02.  Bill 20, School (Student Achievement Enabling) Amendment Act, 2007, amended the Accountability Contract requirements of Section 79.2  of the School Act by substituting the term "achievement contract" for "accountability contract" and amending the submission date from October 31st of each year to on or before July 15th of each year.

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