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North Van student wins national writing contest for story about intergalactic sheep

August 12, 2020


A North Vancouver student has won a national short story contest with her piece about rainbow sheep from outer space, illustrated above. image Ripple Foundation

Ben Bengtson/ North Shore News

A North Vancouver student is now a published author after winning a national writing contest with her short story about intergalactic sheep.

Brynne Storey, a Grade 4 student at Brooksbank Elementary, is the co-winner of Ripple Foundation's annual Kids Write 4 Kids program, a cross-Canada creative writing challenge that encourages children in grades 4 through 8 to submit original stories for a shot at becoming published authors.

As per the program’s requirements, proceeds from the sales of Storey’s new book, now available online, will go towards the charity of her choice, which for Storey is the Right To Play global development organization.

Inspired by a photo, Storey’s story, “The Sheeps’ Journey,” imagines what life would look like for your average sheep if it was all of a sudden immersed in a world of rainbow-coloured sheep.

The story centres on two sheep, Pan and his sister Katie, who must escape the dangers that hunt them and a find a place to call home.

It may also be worth mentioning that they are sheep from another planet,” states a press release from the Ripple Foundation.

Storey’s winning submission was professionally illustrated as well, according to the release.