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Benefits of joining a school PAC

September 19, 2019

Did you know all parents and guardians of registered students are able to participate in a school’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?
Parents’ voices are a tremendous value, as they can offer ideas and feedback to enhance the school community. 
PACs strive to represent the diversity within their communities and contribute to the benefit of all students by:
  •            providing opportunities to educate and inform parents about the school;
  •            involving parents in volunteer activities; and
  •            openly discussing parents’ concerns and aspirations for their schools.
While PAC meetings vary by school, they typically occur monthly. The average meeting length is an hour and a half, and babysitting is often provided at the school.
These meetings are an opportunity for parents to share ideas and voice suggestions regarding educational matters.
The collective parent voice, through elected PAC officers, may advise the school board, the principal and staff on any matter within the school.
PAC members also work together to prioritize and raise funds for many school projects, including playgrounds, computer labs and emergency preparedness kits.
PACs also plan fun events within the school community, such as ice-cream socials, spring fairs and galas.
There is strong evidence that increased parent involvement in the school results in increased student achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction, and bonding.
Please visit individual school websites for more information on school PACs and meeting times.
The North Vancouver PAC (NVPAC) is the overarching Parent Advisory Council for the North Vancouver School District, and represents the parent perspective with respect to broader educational matters within the district.  

NVPAC is often invited to appoint representatives to School District Committees to provide the parent perspective. To participate, please contact the NVPAC chair.

Some of these committees include:
1.  Board Standing Committees
2.  School Calendar Committee
3.  Capital Planning Committee
4.  Communications Committee
5.  Class Acts (formerly Education Week Planning Committee)
6.  Emergency Preparedness Committee
7.  Inclusion Committee
8.  Information & Communication Technology Advisory Committee
9.  Policy Review Committee
10. Safe & Caring Schools Committee
11. Enhancing School Cleanliness Committee
You will find access to various PAC / NVPAC information and resources here.