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Grad Season Advisory for Students and Parents

June 10, 2014

In the coming weeks, many high school students will be participating in both school-sanctioned and non-sanctioned graduation and after-prom festivities.  While this is an exciting and important time in a Grade 12 student’s life, the North Vancouver RCMP Youth Intervention Unit would like to remind students and their parents of the following points to ensure their graduation events conclude safely:

  • Parents and students should maintain lines of communication and keep them open in case of emergencies
  • Attending bush parties held in isolated/dark areas can be very risky as it is often difficult for emergency services to get to you should a problem occur, medical or otherwise 
  • Police will be enforcing the Liquor Control and Licensing Act with zero tolerance. Tickets for “Minor in Possession of Alcohol” carry a $230 fine.  Verbal warnings or “breaks” will not be given
  • Open alcohol is not permitted in any vehicle, including limousines and buses
  • If you drink, have a plan to get home safely (have a Designated Driver, make pickup arrangements with a family member, carry cab fare, etc.)
  • Never mix alcohol with illicit or prescription drugs. Spending the night in the emergency room will not be a fond memory of your graduation.
Best of luck for the future, and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable graduation!

North Vancouver RCMP Youth Intervention Unit

For further information:

Cpl. Paulo Arreaga,
North Vancouver RCMP 
Youth Intervention Unit
Brad Baker
District Administrator  
North Vancouver School District 
Safe and Caring Schools 
This advisory is released jointly by the North Vancouver RCMP Youth Intervention Unit and the North Vancouver School District.