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Covenant House Sleep Out

November 27, 2018


This year, the North Vancouver School District is supporting Covenant House Vancouver by taking part in Sleep Out. This program raises awareness about issues surrounding youth homeless, such as mental health supports, and also raises funds for programs offered at Covenant House Vancouver. For one night, participants will be sleeping outside on cardboard boxes. Superintendent Mark Pearmain will be sleeping outside downtown for one night in February, secondary schools are encouraged to host their own Sleep Out events at their schools, and elementary schools are encouraged to also take part with school events.



As a school district we will be fundraising for this initiative as a team. Our fundraising goal for our school district is $8,000. The cost of providing mental health supports for one youth for one year is $4,000; our goal is to support two youth. The North Vancouver School District Sleep Out fundraising page is located HERE.


How can schools take part?

We are hoping to have all seven secondary schools do a Sleep Out and also involve the 25 elementary schools with fundraising events. 


Secondary schools

  1. Appoint staff leader(s) and gather a student team.
  2. Register your school team HERE.
  3. Choose a date and how you want your Sleep Out to work (ex: Just the student team sleeps out? First 50 students who register sleep out? Open to all students?)
    • Note: A Sleep Out overnight event requires field trip processes and forms be completed and approved.
  4. Start promoting and fundraising! Here is a TOOLKIT to help. Under the Social Media tab there are posters and digital promotional items you can use.


Elementary schools

  1. Appoint staff leader(s) and gather a student team.
  2. Decide what event you want to do to. Attached is a guide for elementary schools. The casual/pajama day looks fun.
  3. Start promoting your event and raising funds.
  4. Please work with Allison Briggs from Covenant House Vancouver to organize your event and to ensure your funds raised go into the North Vancouver School District team.


Please keep Deneka Michaud advised as to what your school is doing to support Sleep Out.