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​Argyle Student Wins First Place at Vancouver Writers Fest's Annual Youth Writing Contest

October 24, 2017

background-2850204_1920.jpgErika Brauner, Grade 11 student at Argyle Secondary Student, recently won first place for her short fiction story, "The Cliff", submitted to the Vancouver Writer's Fest Annual Youth Writing Contest. The powerful story sheds light on the important conversations happening in today's society.

Below is an excerpt from "The Cliff":

"The boy was always good at hiding his inner turmoil from all onlookers. He hadn't wanted anyone to worry about him, to pry too hard and unleash all of his inner demons. He didn't want to be a burden. His boyfriend wouldn't have minded, in fact he would've been happy to help the boy bear the pain that was his life. But the boy hadn't known that." Erika Brauner, Grade 11 student, Argyle Secondary.

To read Erika's full short fiction story, please visit

The Vancouver Writers Fest's annual youth writing contest is open to all students enrolled in grades 8-12 in British Columbia. Contestants can submit either poetry or fiction. The 2017 contest was judged by authors, Carrie Mac and Dina Del Bucchia.

The North Vancouver School District would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Erika on her amazing accomplishment and story.