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Handsworth Secondary School Capital Project Update

September 22, 2016


Dear Parents and Guardians in the Handsworth Family of Schools:

Re: Handsworth Secondary School Capital Project Update

I want to update you on the progress of the Handsworth Secondary School Capital Project. Since the Ministry of Education has approved the Argyle Secondary School Full Replacement Project and the North Vancouver Board of Education has secured Provincial funding, we will focus our attention on achieving a full replacement of Handsworth Secondary School.

In August 2016, Secretary Treasurer Georgia Allison and I met with Ministry of Education Deputy Minister Byng and Assistant Deputy Minister Mason (Capital Branch) to provide an update on the proposed project and to request (as per the Board of Education motion dated January 19, 2016) that the Ministry of Education fully fund the replacement of Handsworth Secondary School. In our meeting we discussed our rationale for requesting a replacement school rather than a seismic upgrade. A full replacement project would be more cost effective and beneficial for the school district and for the students of the Handsworth Family of Schools. We also reiterated, on behalf of the Board, that the replacement of Handsworth Secondary School is our top priority.

On September 6, 2016, the North Vancouver School District submitted an updated Project Definition Report (PDR) for Handsworth Secondary School to the Ministry of Education Capital Branch for their review. This report outlines the business case for a full replacement school option versus a seismic upgrade. The PDR is currently with the Ministry of Education for review and discussion. We will be working closely with the Capital Branch to provide clarification and additional information as required.

While I cannot provide specific timelines for when we expect to receive a response from the Ministry of Education on the Handsworth replacement project, I will provide the Handsworth Family of Schools with an update as information becomes available.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Pearmain

Superintendent of Schools



Board of Education           

Executive Committee

Jim MacKenzie, Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Planning

Mark Thomson, Manager, Capital Projects