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Class of 2029 – students begin their journey of innovative learning

September 12, 2016


A group of kindergarten students who will be the graduating class of 2029 are B.C.’s first students whose education will be entirely under B.C.’s new curriculum.

Minister of Education Mike Bernier joined Canyon Heights Elementary students in North Vancouver today to see first-hand the innovative learning already going on as part of the new curriculum. The students – and other kindergarten students throughout the province – will be the first to be taught the new curriculum all the way from K - 12.

“During these first weeks of school, it’s inspiring to visit schools like Canyon Heights and see kindergarten students already enthusiastic about their learning path. These kids may be starting school for the first time, but I know that all our students will graduate into a changing and exciting world – and the new curriculum will help make sure they are prepared to meet that future head-on and equipped for success no matter what path they choose,” said Minister Bernier.

Under the new curriculum students will learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic through real-world situations that offer them hands-on experience in collaboration, critical thinking and communications – skills they'll need to succeed in college, university, and the workforce.

"I am continually amazed with the quality teaching that is taking place in our schools, and the new curriculum bolsters student learning by ensuring that core subjects are learned in a way that is relevant to students. No matter what our students do after graduation, it is important that they know how to think critically, communicate effectively and apply their knowledge to real world scenarios. Teachers and the BCTF were vital in the creation of this new curriculum and now, in our schools, students can directly benefit,” said Christie Sacré, Chair, North Vancouver Board of Education.

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Bernier noted that the new curriculum fits perfectly with the fresh ideas that teachers are bringing into the classroom. At Canyon Heights, some teachers are taking part in a pilot project called ‘Fresh Grade’ that uses a tablet and smartphone app to share student work with parents so they can keep track of their child’s progress.

The student might share a short video, photo or artwork that they did that day. In addition to allowing parents a glimpse into the classroom on a regular basis, 'Fresh Grade' makes it easier for teachers to communicate individual student successes and challenges to parents.

It’s all about flexibility and new ways of learning. At the same time, with new curriculum students will still learn the basics – reading, writing and math.

The Class of 2029 and all students will be supported through every grade to make sure they’re ready for a future which will demand different skills and contributions. They will be given the opportunity to find their strengths and be creative and collaborative.